PADI IDC Phuket Packages

Example PADI IDC Package details  from PADI IDC in Phuket, Thailand

GoPro 1: PREP + IDC + EANxI
GoPro 2: PREP + IDC + EFRI + EANxI
GoPro 3: PREP + IDC + EFRI + EANxI + DSAT Gas Blender Inst.

* Include: IDC tuition benefit, airport pick-up and EANx Instructor course. (Courses exclude: PADI Materials)

** Include: IDC tuition benefits. Your EFR Instructor Course will include Primary & Secondary Care, and Care for Children Instructor rating. For more information, go to and read about the exciting changes in the EFR program. (Courses exclude: manuals, certification fee or refresher course fee if required)

*** Same info as GoPro 2 plus the most sought after by liveaboard operators, DSAT Gas Blender. (Courses exclude: manuals, certification fee or refresher course fee if required)

**** A complete program to prepare you to be employed as a dive industry leader. You are welcome to remain with us & teach along side our instructors in PADI courses (up to 10) to gain valuable teaching experience.

Reasons to join us for your PADI IDC

IE Pass Guarantee – your next IDC with us is free of charge if you happen to have a bad day
ONLINE BOOKING Bonus: a free day trip aboard our own dive boat
Dedicated classroom & PADI library throughout your IDC (open late for your convenience)
FREE hi-speed internet access including WIFI access
FREE “Full Day Prep Course” and special review Booklet to help you brush up on your skills and dive theories knowledge
Choose 1 FREE Specialty Instructor Course: EANx, Navigation or Underwater Naturalists
Up to 20% discount on all PADI materials, dive equipment, day and liveaboard dive trips
24/7 emergency phone support during your IDC
Employment Internship Service – unlike others, we will help you set up interviews with our partners, or remain in our resport and gain some teaching experience with us, Just ask and we’ll be happy to assist.
Unconditional Support during the IE – No, we can’t do the IE for you :-). But our team will be there to assist with transportation, tanks, weights and moral support!!!