Choosing IDC launch

To divers world-wide, PADI is the most trusted and recognized organization for recreational diving education. For many years we have been working with PADI 5* Star Dive Centers, because we at Choosing IDC truely believe “To help more people share our love for diving, we must help to train good divers. To help train good divers, we must first help to train good diving instructors”.

Our staff are our former students, dive master trainees, IDC candidates, trained by the companies on this website and recruited afterwards as dive guides, instructors or office personnel.

By doing so we also have the advantage of keeping our service quality consistent for our customers. No matter who your dive guide is today, you know he/she is going to be as good as the one before. If you are taking a scuba diving course, you can trust that all of our instructors are taking their job of teaching YOU very seriously (while making it fun at the same time).