PADI IDC Scuba Dreamer in Egypt

Egyptian Odyssey

Popular and friendly resort with access to some great shore diving and hundreds of liveaboards exploring the Red Sea



Scuba Dreamer PADI IDC Objective: To “create” diving instructors ! … our mission is not just letting my candidates pass the IE … we want them to become professionals. Scuba Dreamer “know how” and its Course Director experience teaches new instructors  to be able to work in any place around the world! … be team players … be responsible …safe and fun !

My Philosophy ? a good instructor has to be responsible , safe , fun , speak few languages,  be good in “logistics” , be a Team Player and most important “HUMILITY”!! … that what I pretend from my employees !

It’s easy to teach someone to breath underwater … hard to respect the rules of the center, make the operations run smoothly and cooperate with colleagues of different nationality/culture! ..if you can do that you are a professional!

During the pre-employment training, I let the new instructors cover all the different positions/duties …that’s the only way they can learn how to cooperate.


Are you thinking  to become a professional Divemaster or Instructor? It’s time to take to a PADI GoPro program with Scuba Dreamer !
Became a professional….to share your underwater emotions and experiences with other people, to transfer your knowledge and your passion to the others, to escape and find job in one of the 5000 Padi diving center around the world …and maybe create your own business!

Wherever you chose to do your Professional training, remember that the quality of your diver education is the most important thing and it will guarantee your future success!


Our experience made us to realize that quite often candidates arrive to the IDC without a sufficient preparation.The consequence is an extra-stress due to a lack of knowledge and skills wich they should have done in previous courses.

The IDC is an intensive course : do not underestimate it! (often you will be asked to prepare your assegnaments in the evenings); in order to avoid study overloads we strictly invite you to start your preparation well ahead. In this way you’ll be able to concentrate in developing your teaching skills and have a stress-free course!