Course Director Inclusion

We are very particular about which Course Director’s we include in the guide, the following conversation demonstrates that not all the people we have dealt with act with integrity

[Choosing IDC] So it’s going to only be under $100 for this candidate?

[Course Director] Yes – I was actually very pleased with that – didn’t think it would be that much at all – you are lucky exchange rate is so strong.

[IDC Guide] what about the other points (website updates / idc guide inclusion) what have you decided to do about those?

I would be happy to give you your idc-guide inclusion free over the last 8 months (as I never intended to charge you for it initially)

but would like  you to be a paid member (like phil, andy and steve) for the next 12 months for a bargain £100 and would like a token payment

[Course Director] I still find that a high fee compared to choosing IDC which is up and running for 8 years or so now which is cheaper and has many more websites connected to would you be willing to 150 GBP for two years?

I could pay you that this week along with last commission of £100 for the website updates over the 18 months.

Need to make final decision on “£100 for the website updates over the 18 months.”

[Choosing IDC] In retrospect these are very small and token payments and represent lots of work and good value for you. If you dont want to be in the website. We have other Course Directors that are willing to take your place, you will be the only Thailand CD in the guide with exclusivity guarenteed.

Really want to get this sorted and to move on and concentrate on other things as this has been going on for months and months now.

[Course Director] How do the inquiries from the sales of your CD fit into to all this? Not messing you around, I just want to make sure that we are 100% on the same page this time so we don’t have any messy misunderstandings in the future – or that is my aim. Thanks, should be able to reply tomorrow night if all goes OK tomorrow.

Hey there very quickly as I MUST get these reports written up and sent to PADI we have the PADI top guys over as Examiners (Manager and Director of Instructor Development, Training and Education AND QM Dept) mostly to have around the table social with Phuket Course Directors about IDCs / IEs and the IDC curriculum etc and I MUST get them in before – take too long to explain it to you and most is confidential about a certain CD and recent events and a whole load of other stuff. NOT getting the time I had hoped to get at the moment to finish off these 3 projects incl you and IDC Guide

[Choosing IDC] Are we going to conclude the points in the ‘green’ email that are outstanding? Its been going on for so long now.

[Course Director] There is no green in this mail – I thought we had sorted this already after you deducted dive website commission, scuba tours website commission – which based on 20% would be around 400 GBP each – which more than covers your 100 GBP that you are asking for the bits you did in your own time when you were setting up delicious / Essex Web Design, with my testimonials to you for my website.

Please resend any points that wish to redisuss – and if that doesn’t work – please remove me from any website I am on and refund my money for the 2 years which I have yet to receive a receipt for.

I was actually going to send you a long e-mail tomorrow / today (Wednesday) to  ask you what I could do to help with the dive theory as I have time to work on it, and contribute, but if this is how you want it then just call it a day.

You can then also explain why when you agreed to remove the idc-guide link from home page and then we found it still there on the bottom right hand corner of the home page thinking I wouldn’t see it

Quite happy to explain to all the other CDs why I am leaving the group if you want, and any others who sign up, come to that. I was hoping to start a nice working relationship with you again now that I had time to work on websites etc as I very much enjoyed working with you but if this is your attitude then there doesn’t seem much point?

[Choosing IDC] This crazy information on the back of all the other things has got too much. Read the emails you have been sending me for weeks about ‘sorting it out’. You are now saying I owe you money! Well, i was being very good to you and saying you only owed me only £100 for 18 months of website updates that you are now obviously refusing to pay for. I am going to refund your idc guide inclusion due to this and the fact you have removed the idc-guide link which is part of our agreement, with the refunded money I am going to use that for the 18 months of updates (if you dont believe me check your emails).

You have constantly lied to me and I think this level of professionalism is not good, I have no idea about any hidden links but I see you have now removed all my website links and the idc-guide link from your site now which is your choice

As for trying to blacken my name among other PADI Course Directors, it wouldn’t be the wisest thing you could do and also I should look at your own ‘standing’ in the dive community before you try to tarnish mine. Good luck for the future and I dont think any future correspondence would serve any purpose so goodbye. Its a shame we have come to this as good friends are hard to find